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The most important vision/ objective of DIET- Ukhrul is to strong District Institution which would be support PSTE & ISTE work together with the teacher at the elementary education level in the district. DIET should frame a multi level framework of educational development in natural, state, block and local level agencies and participate in planning … Continue reading “Vision”


MISSION OF DISTRICT INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING, UKHRUL is to foster critical analysis by training students both in theory and practice so as to equip them with skills needed for facing global challenges with team work and human values.


1. Regular class for 2 years D.El.E.d 2. Orientation / Workshop for elementary teachers / secondary teachers 3. Training programmes / Professional Training programmes for faculties


Ukhrul – DIETThe District Institute of Education and Training ( DIET ) was envisioned in the National Policy of Education 1986 and was created by the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development in the early 1990s to strengthen elementary education and support the decentralization of education to the District Level .The District Institute of Education and Training ,Ukhrul started functioning since 2002 with two courses CPE for In – Service Teachers and D.El.Ed. for two years for Pre – Service Teachers with the main objective of strengthening school education in the District Level.

Dear teacher aspirants your tomorrow depends essentially on what you do today, whether winning a battle, fame or fortune, power or position, wealth or worldly goods, success in life depends on proper planning and execution of it . Doing the right thing in the right way and at the right time will produce the results. Knowing what to do when and how is the master key to your success to become an ideal and a perfect teacher. Finally you can contribute something in teaching learning process, education as a whole and in the society as well.

DIET–Ukhrul with the sprawling and serene campus provides us with an inspiring, peaceful and congenial environment. The campus life is extremely friendly, informal and is entirely self – contained. I sincerely believe, the takers of education in this glorious institute will surly have fruitful time of their lives and will acquire the ability to face the world ahead specially in teaching learning process.


K.Radhakanta Singh


Ukhrul – DIET

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