Welcome to DIET Manipur


The most important vision/ objective of DIET- Ukhrul is to strong District Institution which would be support PSTE & ISTE work together with the teacher at the elementary education level in the district. DIET should frame a multi level framework of educational development in natural, state, block and local level agencies and participate in planning co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation.

DIET have to support the universalization of quality education and to achieve lifelong education by putting and keeping visualized with

  1. Good provision of PSTE & ISTE programmes.
  2. Performing & Organizing District Level and State Level Educational Researches on present issues pertaining to enrollment retention, achievement, gender parity, proficiency, drop outs, weakness in schools subjects like Mathematics, Sciences & languages etc.
  3. Guiding & facilitating some collaboration action researches to enable practicing by teachers in a short period in class-room situation.
  4. For primary & upper primary teacher innovation of methodology for teaching in construction-ism approach that is learning by doing in activity based child centred approach and brain storming among their colleagues by organizing seminars, symposium, debate, quiz, workshop and releasing news bulletin, which carry information on innovative class room processes.
  5. Designing trainer manuals for Angalwadi workers for teacher and school Heads on crisis and disaster. Management, gender, sensitivity, leadership manual etc. DIET participate in performing related activities.
  6. The RTE-2010 emphasized on the right of children to free & compulsory education till completion of elementary education in neighborhood school. DIET provided for development of curriculum with regards to all round development of the child, learning through activity, discovery and exploration in child’s mother tongue, making the child free & fear, trauma & anxiety & helping the child to express views freely according to RTE.
  7. Teacher & teaching are the main center/ stem in order to bring school quality. The RTE,providing access to quality education & professionally trained teachers for all schools.
  8. The scheme of DIET began in the 8th plan period & the continuation of the scheme in the 12th plan expansion of teacher education 8 teacher professional development. DIET needs the central & state to work together to achieve a fully functional at the District level.